W Lebarze, to nie tylko niskie opłaty za połączenia. Zawsze staramy się oferować Wam więcej. Dołącz do nas i odkryj wszystkie możliwości jak i wspaniałe promocje!

Receive Free PAYG Call Credit when you top up online

How does it work?

Top up now and get free call credit.

Offer Rules


  • Promotion runs from 01.05.2013 until 31.07.2014.
  • When making a £20 Top Up you will also receive an additional £5 FREE Call Credit, however by activating the auto Top Up when making a £20 Top Up you will receive an additional £10 FREE Call Credit every time an auto Top Up is made, the auto Top Up option can be turned off at any time. (You must register to My Lebara and open a My Lebara account).
  • Applies to Pay As You Go Top ups completed online only. 
  • If you complete another top up before your free call credit expires, your free call credit expiry will be reset. 
  • Free call credit will only be applied for single denomination top ups only. 
  • Free call credit can only be used for UK and International landline and mobile calls (excluding premium calls) as well as UK and International texts. UK landline calls are those made to area codes 01, 02 and 03, excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
  • Free Call Credit cannot be used to purchase additional products (such as passes), roaming, voicemail, MMS, Charged Content, Mobile Internet (Data), Customer service calls, 0800, 0845 or other “toll-free” numbers and cannot be transferred. 
  • Any call, text or data charges will be deducted first from the free call credit (unless you have a Pass, which takes priority). 
  • The promotion may be withdrawn or changed at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lebara.

See www.lebara.co.uk/promotionsterms for full terms.

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Free Lebara to Lebara UK calls and texts

Jak to działa?

When you top up a minimum of £5 or more, we'll give you Free Lebara to Lebara UK calls and texts according to the following table:

FREE Lebara to Lebara calls & SMS

Free Lebara to Lebara UK calls and texts are subject to a fair use policy as set out in the terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is valid until 31.07.2014.
  2. To get the Free Lebara to Lebara UK calls and texts, a minimum top-up of £5 is required.
  3. Your calls & texts will be valid for the period outlined in the table above.
  4. Fair use policy applies: you can use up to 3000 minutes and 3000 SMS per validity period.
  5. If you exceed the fair usage policy, or if your calls and SMS expire, you will be charged for your SMS and calls at Lebara’s standard rate.
  6. This offer may be withdrawn at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lebara Mobile. Any withdrawal will be notified at www.lebara.co.uk 

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4£ kredytu na rozmowy

How does it work?

You will receive £4 FREE call credit if you transfer your existing mobile number to Lebara Mobile.

  • Customers need to call their current provider and request a PAC code, see ‘Keep Your Number’ for more details
  • Once you have received your PAC code, call Lebara Mobile on 0870 075 5588(or 5588 from your Lebara Mobile), state that you want to keep your existing number and give your PAC code
  • It normally takes 5 days to transfer your number, we will text you to let you know when it has been completed
  • The £4 free call credit will be credited to your SIM no later than 72 hours from the successful transfer of a telephone number to the Lebara network, provided you top-up a minimum of £5.
  • The £4 free call credit may be used towards calls, SMS and/or MMS


Offer rules

  • The £4 free call credit may only be used in conjunction with your Lebara SIM and cannot be transferred to other Lebara SIMs
  • Please note that the number transfer promotion can be used in conjunction with other Lebara offers, schemes and rewards
  • Minimum £5 top-up required after port takes place in order to qualify.
  • Promotion ends 31.07.2014, terms and conditions apply
  • Credit is applied to the PAYG account.

 Zamów darmową kartę SIM

Poleć nam Twojego przyjaciela

Zasady oferty


  • The Lebara Recommend a Friend Scheme (the "Recommend a Friend Scheme") will terminate 31.07.2014.
  • Unique referral links must be used by your friends and family in order for the referral to be associated with you.
  • You must remain connected to the Lebara number associated to their unique referral link in order to qualify for call credit. Connected is defined as SIM being active.
  • You will qualify for £5 free call time credit when a new customer makes their initial top-up of £10 or more having converted from your unique referral link. You can recommend up to a maximum of 5 new customers.
  • The £5 free credit is applied 30 days after the new customer makes their first paid for top-up of £10 or more and remains an active Lebara customer. Active is defined as a customer who continues to make calls after first activation.
  • Call credit earned by a referrer will be paid into your main PAYG account. £5 free credit is valid for 30 days from point of first application. You will be notified via SMS the same day that the credit is applied.
  • Visit http://www.lebara.co.uk/promotionsterms to view full terms and conditions.


How does it work?

  • To take part in the Refer a Friend scheme you will need to receive or generate a unique referral link. To generate this link please visit refer.lebara.co.uk.
  • Only one unique referral link permitted per unique Lebara number. In the event there is a dispute, the link generated first will take precedence.
  • You can use your unique referral link to recommend Lebara to friends and family via SMS, email and social networks.
  • Visit www.lebara.co.uk/promotionsterms for full terms and conditions.

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