Data roaming charges 

What is data roaming?

When you travel abroad to a foreign country you can access and surf the internet as well as download content.

When using data roaming you will receive SMS notification messages, which will inform you of the amount of data you have used.

How does my phone use a data connection to access the internet?

Many smartphone users have applications or download new applications to use. In particular, applications for social networking sites (ie. Facebook, Twitter) access the internet at regular intervals and provide automatic updates. When this happens roaming data charges are incurred. Certain applications will connect to the internet for automatic updates and at the time you may not be aware that this is happening, the result is that you might incur a bigger bill than you expect.

Be aware that generating a GPRS connection via your browser, an application (applications give direct access to content – to do this it will use a mobile data connection) will generate data charges. The responsibility for data usage and charges lies solely with the customer.
How do I control my data usage?

If you do not want to incur roaming data charges please ensure you turn off data settings on your mobile device or smartphone. To do this please refer to the user manual for the handset. Alternatively, you may be able to suspend or stop updates for an application. To do this please check with the provider of the application.

From July 1st 2012 roaming data charges are limited to €50 plus VAT or £41.47 plus VAT per month. However if you wish to continue to use data services after reaching this limit please contact customer services. Once a customer meets this threshold they will automatically be barred to prevent unexpected high bills.

Please note that mobile internet sites outside of the Lebara portal i.e. 3rd party websites, are not controlled by Lebara.

To maximise your roaming mobile internet experience whilst remaining cost effective, we recommend that you minimise any downloading of files attached to emails or from websites e.g. video, still images, music, video streaming etc.
What can I do with 1MB?

1MB approximately equates to:
  • Browsing using the Lebara mobile portal: you could visit up to 40 pages per day.
  • Surfing the Internet: you could visit 2 – 10 web pages, like the ones you use in your personal computer (depending on graphics, images and amount of text), or 10 – 20 web pages optimized for mobile browsers.
  • Sending and receiving e-mails: up to 200 emails per day (without downloading attachments)

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