Lebara Best Tariff

The new Lebara Best Tariff offers great rates to selected countries. Purchase from your PAYG balance by sending a free text 'BEST' to 38885

Lebara Best Tariff - New terms and conditions for purchases from 15 September 2015 (inclusive) onwards. Effective 1st October 2016, Best Rates on top up of £5 will be valid for 7 days only.

The new Lebara Best Tariff offers great rates to selected countries as listed below. Rates include VAT. Minute rounding 60/60.

Best Tariff
Fixed (per/min) Mobile (per/min)
Afghanistan 1p 10p
Albania 5p 10p
Bahrain 3p 7p
Bangladesh 1p 3p
Bulgaria 1p 1p
Egypt 3p 7p
Ghana 9p 15p
Hungary 1p 1p
India 1p 1p
Jamaica 4p 9p
Kenya 1p 5p
Kuwait 3p 7p
Latvia 1p 1p
Lithuania 1p 1p
Mauritius 4p 4p
Nigeria 1p 2p
Pakistan 2p 2p
Philippines 3p 5p
Poland 1p 1p
Quatar 12p 15p
Romania 1p 1p
Saudi Arabia 3p 12p
Sri Lanka 9p 9p
Turkey 1p 5p
United Arab Emirates 6p 9p

The new Lebara Best Rates Promotion is available to all Lebara UK customers except those on UK Plus/Flexi/AIO passes who (1) top up and (2) SMS BEST to 38885 as detailed on www.lebara.co.uk/promotionsterms. To continue enjoying our Best rates after the expiry of the relevant validity period you need to top up and opt in again as per the process described on www.lebara.co.uk/promotionsterms