Low Cost International Calls

  • International calls from 1p/min
  • International texts from 10p/min
  • No contracts, No hidden charges, No access codes
  • Multi-lingual Award Winning customer services
  • High quality network

Calling Abroad

Thousands of miles away from home, who wouldn’t miss their family and friends? Technology has made it easy to stay connected to loved ones and we make it even easier. In just three easy steps you can start making cheap international calls from your mobile:

  1. Order a Free Lebara SIM card online or pop into one of our local retail outlets.
  2. Insert the SIM into your existing mobile phone.
  3. Activate the SIM and top up online or by using a scratch card.

Now you are ready to make international calls to hundreds of countries directly from your mobile!

There are numerous benefits from using a Lebara SIM to make cheap international calls, including:

  • High quality overseas calls from just 1p/min
  • No connection fees
  • Free Lebara to Lebara calls (fair use policy applies)
  • Cheap national mobile to mobile calls
  • Cheap international call rates

International Tariffs

See how cheap it's to call here?

Lebara SIM Card To Make
International Calls

  • No connection fees
  • Direct dial destination mobile or landlines number following with country code
  • Process is quick and instantly connects you to mobile or landlines
  • Low cost way to make mobile to mobile calls
  • Lebara offers high quality calls and uses the Vodafone network
  • Flexible Pay As You Go Plan
  • Lebara SIM card works just like other SIM cards
  • Make national calls with full access to mobile internet
Get a Free SIM Card 

Cheap International
Calling Card

  • Connection fees for each call you make
  • Inconvenient - dial 10 digit access number and then the destination number
  • Long connection times
  • Higher rates to call mobile numbers
  • Quality not guaranteed
  • Calling cards come with expiry dates
  • You will be using your airtime minutes on your mobile phone

International Calls from UK

Cheap international phone calls
SIM + Call Credit 

Britain is a highly multicultural society with thousands of people emigrating here every year. In the past those needing to make international calls have had to buy a calling card and/or use a landline. Those shiny new smart phones aren't so smart now are they? However, the clouds are starting to clear. With Lebara you can now make cheap international phone calls using your very own Pay As You Go SIM card!

Lebara Mobile offer Free SIM cards to help you make the cheapest international calls possible. There is no need to buy a calling card and enter some never-ending code, you don't have to use a landline or buy a special mobile. In fact, you can make use of your mobile with this international calling SIM card and enjoy international call rates to hundreds of countries from
as little as 1p per minute.

Pay As You Go SIM

One can easily start calling overseas family and friends using our Pay As You Go SIM, which can now be ordered free online.

Easy Top Up

You can top up your card in four easy ways

  1. Online Top Up
  2. SMS Top Up
  3. ATM Top Up
  4. Top Up Voucher

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